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Five unwritten rules of E-Biking:

1. Share the trails

During your ride whether you are in a bike park or on open trails you might encounter oder riders. Be mindful and if they are faster let them through when you can, no one wants to disrupt their flow. 


On open trails other riders are not the only ones you might come across. People walking, running, families with children and dogs could also be sharing your same path, be careful and slow down to avoid any accidents.


Lastly, once you come into the tree line don't be surprised to have some wild encounters with some animals, this is their home, be mindful and stick to the trails.

Five unwritten rules of ebiking 1

2. Do not litter

We all like the sight of nice green mountains and hills when we ride, uncontaminated nature which helps us disconnect from the busy city.


No one likes to find garbage on their path. Bring a small bag or container to store you waste which once you get home you can dispose properly. 


This will keep clean and tidy the trails, will reduce the pollution from waste which could take years to dissolve and protects wild life which could eat something very harmful.

Five unwritten rules of ebiking 2

3. Let the trails dry

Summer means sun nice days and lots of adventures to be made. But can also mean big thunderstorms and rains which can turn our trails in mud slides and small rivers.


Even though some of us love the sensation of shredding through mud and puddles some terrains need time to dry. Some Trails might retain water longer and riding through it could ruin it forever, creating permeant tracks which make it unpleasant to ride. 


Let them dry, it will make the difference.

Five unwritten rules of ebiking 3

4. Do not cut corners

This "rule" applies mostly if you ride in bike parks, the staff put in a lot of work and effort to make trips suitable for all levels and for your security and others avoid cutting corners and follow the trail line.


However, while riding in open trails the same principle of security applies, you never know what could be of the trail and if someone is just under you.


Trails are made for security and fun, find you level and if you want to challenge your self gradually step it up with out putting your self or other in danger.

Five unwritten rules of ebiking 4

5. Lend a helping hand

We all had that time where we had a flat tyre or the chain broke, it ruins your day especially if you need to carry down your bike.


If you see someone in need of help stop and ask, you might be in the same situation next time. 


When making repairs to you bike try always to place your self on the side of the trails, this will avoid people coming into you.


Lastly, don't get mad if it happens, it is part of the game!

Five unwritten rules of ebiking 5